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A workshop at ASE'2010.
ASE 2010

In cooperation with the belgian MoVES project.

Proceedings and Accepted Papers

Proceedings with all papers (16.3 MB)

Accepted Papers

  1. Haihan Yin and Christoph Bockisch. Developing A Generic Debugger for Advanced-Dispatching Languages
  2. Sushil Bajracharya, Joel Ossher and Cristina Lopes. Sourcerer – An Infrastructure for Large-scale Collection and Analysis of Open-source Code
  3. Veit Hoffmann, Horst Lichter and Alexander Nyßen. Processes and Practices for Quality Scientific Software Projects
  4. Tim Molderez, Hans Schippers, Dirk Janssens, Michael Haupt and Robert Hirschfeld. A Platform for Experimenting with Language Constructs for Modularizing Crosscutting Concerns
  5. Pablo Trinidad, Carlos Müller, Jesús García-Galán and Antonio Ruiz-Cortés. Building industry-ready tools: FAMA Framework & ADA
  6. Marco Kuhrmann, Georg Kalus, Manuel Then and Eugen Wachtel. From Design to Tools: Process Modeling and Enactment with PDE and PET
  7. Moritz Balz, Michael Striewe and Michael Goedicke. SyLaGen: From Academic Tool Engineering Requirements to a new Model-based Development Approach
  8. Sander van der Burg and Eelco Dolstra. Disnix: A toolset for distributed deployment
  9. Dennie Reniers, Lucian Voinea, Ozan Ersoy and Alexandru Telea. A Visual Analytics Toolset for Program Structure, Metrics, and Evolution Comprehension
  10. Hugo Brunelière, Jordi Cabot, Frédéric Jouault, Massimo Tisi and Jean Bezivin. Industrialization of Research Tools: the ATL Case
  11. Michael Franssen. A Proof Repository for Formal Verification of Software