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User Requirements and Evaluation






Data Management



Symbolic Statistics, Dissimilarities and Simplification



Unsupervised Classification, Validation and Cluster Representation



Supervised Classification and Validation






Exploitation and Dissemination



Workpackages short description

WP1 Management

Workpackage WP1 is dedicated to the management of the project.

WP2 User Requirements and Evaluation

The aim of workpackage WP2 is

  • to define user requirements,
  • to suggest treatment and methodology to solve user problems,
  • to evaluate continuously the project results,
  • to prepare pilot application and evaluate the software with the benchmark.

External evaluation will be performed by the way of Peer Review.

WP3 Workbench

Workpackage WP3 addresses the problem of constructing the final software kernel from all the prototype components of the project. The components will be integrated in the kernel software: the Workbench. In parallel, software components will also be available for developers in a library of modules. In order to answer to user requirements on treatment guidance, automatic treatments will be chained. A user manual, supervised by user leader, will be available on a user-friendly display.

WP4 Data Management

Workpackage WP4 is concerned with access to the data by all the methods. This frame was designed in the SODAS project but main improvements are needed and are asked by the users.

Effort must be given to:

  • Data Format SOM library that interfaces different algorithms with the data, which must take into account new data format and knowledge,
  • Creation of SO from the database,
  • SO editing based on the small prototype module developed in SODAS following the request of users,
  • Propagation on the database meaning the retrieve of individuals corresponding to SO's.

Moreover a metamodel will be designed that will hold information for the assertions that construct the SO. The data format (SOM) will have to take the metamodel into account.

WP5 Symbolic Statistics, Dissimilarities and Simplification

Workpackage WP5 as workpackages WP6 and WP7 is dedicated to the development of new methods. It concentrates on primary operations on data. It extends standard statistics to symbolic data and computes new dissimilarities between SO, with a support to users in selecting dissimilarity measure for their data analysis problem.

This workpackage provides also a way to select variables and simplify a set of SO.

WP6 Unsupervised Classification, Validation and Cluster Representation

WorkpackageWP6 develops new methods for unsupervised classification like pyramid clustering, partitional clustering and factorial methods of SOs. Kohonen maps are developed for visualising SOs. For all clustering methods, a validation procedure is used to study the robustness of the results.

For more information see http://www-rocq.inria.fr/sodas/WP6/

WP7 Supervised Classification and Validation

Workpackage WP7 develops methods for supervised classification for SO.

WP8 Visualisation

All visualisation aids have been gathered in workpackage WP8. Improvement will be added to the actual SODAS representation of a SO, following users requirements. In particular, it will be possible to import figures inside other software, with OLE compatibility.

The outputs of the methods will be visualised in an interactive way by the means of trees, bi-plot, pyramid, Kohonen graphic and correlation circle.

WP9 Exploitation and Dissemination

The missions of workpackage WP9 are to prepare the dissemination plans, to prepare an detailed exploitation plan on the future exploitation, to establish a network of statisticians, to establish a user group, to enhance visibility of the project and create awareness within the target user community (especially Statisticians from Member States and Central European Countries) and to prepare schools.


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