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In cooperation with the belgian MoVES project.


September 21st, 2010

09h15 - Opening
Session 1
09h30 - Realizability of real-time logics: decidability and implementation, L. Doyen, B. Di Giampaolo, G. Geeraerts, J.-F. Raskin, J. Reichert and N. Sznajder
10h00 - Decidable Distributed Event Clock Automata, J. J. Ortiz and P.-Y. Schobbens
10h30 - Coffee break
Session 2
11h00 - Invited Speaker: Rupak Majumdar, UCLA
12h00 - Implementing High-Level Languages for Software Product Line Model Checking, A. Classen, P. Heymans, A. Legay and P.-Y. Schobbens
12h30 - Lunch break
Session 3
14h00 - Combining Partial Order Reduction and Symbolic Model Checking to verify LTL properties, J. vander Meulen
14h30 - Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks, A. Sangnier
15h00 - Symbolic Analysis of Concurrent Programs with Polymorphism, N. S. Rungta
15h30 - Coffee Break
Session 4
16h00 - Modular Lightweight Semantics, K. Madlener, S. Smetsers and M. van Eekelen
16h30 - Evolutions of Test Systems, P. Y. H. Wong and N. Diakov
17h00 - Closing