Workshop 2 - Friday, December 12, 2008 (Lille, France)
Intercultural problems involved in the application contexts of norms

Led by Sylvain Lavelle (ICAM, Lille) and Philippe Goujon (University of Namur)

The articulation of universal norms and their contexts of application raises a purely intercultural problem of adjustment of the rational justifications and social appropriations. The concept of "interculturalness", symmetrical to that of acculturation, has been explored at length from a mainly methodological point of view by the field of cultural anthropology. It is appropriate to draw all the conclusions from this perspective with regard to the issue of ethical and democratic governance of the norms and standards of the Internet. In particular, we will analyse and question the effective processes of anticipation, translation and adaptation, if not imposition, of the norms and standards of universal reach to a variety of cultural contexts (Europe, America, Asia). More specifically, in the case of the Internet, we will focus our attention on: a) the methods of designers to anticipate users’ cultures; b) web users’ methods for participating in the transformation of the cultures of innovation and invention; and c) the criticism of the assumption of a universal regulation in the form of charters or codes.

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- Speech of Laurent Falque, Head of the Department of Humanities and Computer Science
- Introduction to the Lille Seminar by Sylvain Lavelle and Philippe Goujon


Barrie Axford (Department of Politics and International Relations School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Internet governance in context: global norms and local applications


Richard Huggins (Department of Politics and International Relations School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Democratic governance and cultural diversity in Europe: relevance and lessons for Internet




Yanina Welp (University of Zurich, CH)
Political cultures, democratic procedures and Internet governance




Gus Hosein (London School of Economics, UK)
International cooperation and intercultural relations


Gregory Lewkowicz and Julien Féret (Perelman Center for for Legal Philosophy, Magna Carta Institute, BE)
Internet governance and cultural diversity: legal pluralism and beyond




Daniele Bourcier (CERSA, CNRS, Centre March Bloch in Berlin, FR)
Republican law, customary law and ICT: the case of the Melanesian and European populations in the South Pacific (New Caledonia)


Monique Slodzian (Multilingual Center of Engineering, Institute for Eastern Languages, Paris, FR)
Internet and multilingualism: framing research categories in European and Asian languages

18:15 End of the seminar  
18:30 Cocktail