Tom Dedeurwaerdere

Tom Dedeurwaerdere is Research Director at the Biodiversity Governance Unit of the Centre for the Philosophy of Law and professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, Université catholique de Louvain. He is a graduate in polytechnical sciences and philosophy, with a PhD in philosophy. He is in charge of the direction of the global public goods sub-network of the European REFGOV network (6th framework program) and the biodiversity sub-network of Belgian Interuniversity network IUAPVI on democratic governance. Recent publications include "From bioprospection to reflexive governance" in Ecological Economics and a special issue on the Microbiological Commons in The International Social Science Journal (fall 2006, vol. 188).


Tom Dedeurwaerdere, 2008, Building resilience through dynamic institutional efficiency, The case of forest biodiversity, Paper submitted for the 2008 IASCP conference.
Tom Dedeurwaerdere, 2007, Network Institutions and Environmental Governance : Democratic Accountability Reconsidered, in Ph Le Prestre and L. Tubiana, Toward Collective Action. On International Environmental Governance, IDDRI & IHQEDS, pp. 251-262.


Tom Dedeurwaerdere, "The role of law, institutions and governance processes in facilitating access to genomics research", in G. Van Overwalle (ed.), Gene Patents and Clearing Models. From Concepts to Cases, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
Tom Dedeurwaerdere, "Théories de la gouvernance et société de l'information", in Ph. Goujon, S. Lavelle, Les technologies de l’information et de la communication et les limites du paradigme de la raison communicationnelle, Presses Universitaires de Namur,.2007.
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