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ASSO - Analysis System of Symbolic Official data - started in January 2001 and ran for 36 months as part of the European Union Fifth framework Research and Development program in the Information Society Technology strand, number IST-2000-25161.

ASSO offers methods, methodology and software tools for the analysis of multidimensional complex data (numerical or non numerical) coming from databases in statistical offices and administrations using Symbolic Data Analysis. For more information, see "Objectives", "Feature" an "Scientific background" pages.

ASSO was based around nine working groups ("Workpackages") with the participation of fifteen partners ("Consortium").

ASSO resulting software is called SODAS2 ("SODAS2 software"). It it an improved version of the SODAS software developed in the previous SODAS project following users requests. This new software is more operational and attractive. It also proposes new innovative methods and demonstrates that the underlying techniques meet the needs of statistical offices.

ASSO contributes to "Disseminations activities" such as workshops or participation in conferences. A network of statisticians and researchers ("Research group") and a group of users ("User Group") are working on the subject. Both publish in the "JSDA Journal" dedicated to the Symbolic Data Analysis.


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